Tine Surel Lange (NO/DK) is a composer, musician and artist. Originally from Bø in Vesterålen in Northern Norway, now living in Oslo after spending 17 years in Denmark. She has a bachelor degree in Composition from the Norwegian Academy of Music, where she is currently studying at the master programme  “Music Performance Technology”. Furthermore she has spent two years studying sound design at Sonic College and two years of studying early music and viola da gamba at the Royal Music Academy of Denmark.

“I find a lot of inspiration in nature and the sounds in the world surrounding me, and this often leads to me using field-recordings and environmental sound in my music, which ranges from compositions for ensemble mixed with live-electronics and as solely electro-acoustic pieces. Mostly I write music for own projects but I have had some amazing collaborations with different kind of artists. I’ve also participated as an instructor at various workshops and seminars.”